Thursday, May 12, 2005

Italy will leave Iraq in early 2006

Italy will leave Iraq in early 2006. This is what the italian minister of foreign affairs, Gianfranco Fini, has announced yesterday, 11 May. According to the official position, this is not an early withdrawal, but it follows the guidelines prepared by the U.N. I wonder to what extent this is accurate. In any event, what needs to be taken into account is that italian elections will be held in the spring of 2006. A coincidence? Comments are welcome.

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Srdjan Cvijic said...

It is obvious what you imply, however, I am wandering about the electoral advantage that this is going to bring to Berlusconi's coalition. I would like to see some qualitative or quantitative public opinion surveys or annalyzis on this, it is rather interesting. Who, from Berlusconi's coallitionm will benefit from the withdrawal and to what extent? Is it more money and prestige within the EU, rather than votes (directly) that the Italian government is trying to save?