Monday, May 09, 2005

Europe Day

The European Constitution, in its article I-8, states the symbols of the Union:
The flag of the Union shall be a circle of twelve golden stars on a blue background.
The anthem of the Union shall be based on the 'Ode to Joy'from the Ninth Symphony by Ludwig van Beethoven.
The motto of the Union shall be: 'United in diversity'.
The currency of the Union shall be the euro.
Europe day shall be celebrate on 9 May throughout the Union.

Today, 9 May 2005, especially in France, people debate and exchage freely their ideas on what kind of Europe they want. This will be determined by a constant popular engagement, and not by a text, even if a constitutional text. The European Constitution is only a framework that entrenches social principles along with market economy.

We'll have to constantly refine the balance between a social Europe and a competitive Europe. This creative, beautiful, tension will not disappear after the ratification of the Constitution. On the contrary, it will be the engine for more progress, and hopefully for the enhancement of well-being within and without Europe.

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