Thursday, May 26, 2005

ESIL-SEDI Forum 2005

The 2005 Forum of the European Society of International Law kicked off today at the HEI (Institute of Graduate Studies) in Geneva. It promises to be quite an event: today saw contributions from ICJ judges Bruno Simma and Hisashi Owada (the latter on the proposals for UN reforms), and such leading scholars as Georges Abi-Saab, Ian Brownlie and Brigitte Stern, amongst others. The first panel, on the death (or otherwise) of the Westphalian System, was genuinely bilingual, as, indeed, the rest of the conference promises to be. I will post a report of the event in more detail when I get back.

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Akbar said...

When are you next in Scotland, Euan? Give me a shout. Would be interesting to hear what you thought about ESIL this year.