Friday, November 04, 2005

Italy v Iran

Italy responds to Iran: a demonstration was held yesterday in Rome. Unusually, this demonstration gathered people from the whole political spectrum. The message was clear: Against Ahmadinejad, and for Israel. This, however, was also a way to counter threats against Italy itself, as presented in a previous post.

Italy is showing responsibility and consistency. Much more than his prime minister, who is only concerned about his personal security. Indeed Berlusconi held that 'kamikaze are preparing an attack against him.' He does not understand why, since he holds that he used his enormous (??) influence to convince Bush not to go to war. Berlusconi is coming out with this laughable public pronouncements as he's 100% concerned with the forthcoming elections. As said before, he knows he's a dying animal and that is why he is using all possible means to gain support.

The confrontation between Iran's president and Italy is likely to go on for a little while. Already some legends have been circulated about famous italian people being muslim martyrs. For example, Edoardo Agnelli, the former heir of Agnelli's (Fiat) empire, is said to have converted to Islam. Accordin to Iranian sources, more precisely, Edoardo Agnelli was a Shiite Martyr..

My main concern is that Italy is going through a difficult phase, and will definetely be a target of terrorism when the elections will near. Berlusconi should be warned: if anything happens to Italy, He'll be the first responsible.

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