Sunday, November 20, 2005

Does the Blogosphere Lean Right?

This is a question I would like to ask all our readers, as it puzzles me to see such sweeping comments made in important media. For example, Michael Massig, in the New York Review of Books, argues the following:

"But it is a third, technological innovation that, along with the rise of talk radio and cable news, has made the conservative attack on the press particularly damaging: blogs. These Internet Web logs, which allow users to beam their innermost thoughts throughout the world, take no longer than a few minutes to set up. They first began to appear in the late 1990s, and there are currently more than 20 million of them. As one critic has observed, many are by adolescent girls writing their diaries on-line. Those with any substantial readership and political influence probably number in the hundreds, and most of these are conservative. As Brian Anderson writes with considerable understatement, "the blogosphere currently leans right."

Do you think it is accurate to say that influential blogs are mostly conservative?
Is it an understatement to say that the blogosphere leans right?

Those observations leaves me quite puzzled, really. What are the features of the blogosphere that would make it lean towards right? Hard to understand.
Any comment, idea on this issue would be very welcome!

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Branedy said...

I think not, but the Blogs that appear at the top of searches based on links Do! I believe that the Right leaning Blogs are organized to interlink, to elevate them in the Blogsphere based on that criteria.