Thursday, November 03, 2005

A real role for the EU?

The recent Washington Post story about secret CIA detention facilities in Eastern Europe creates new, important questions in the GWOT. What will the EU do about these prisons (presumably) within its borders? What does it say about EU foreign policy that such prisons could exist within its borders without its knowledge?

Well, the EU has begun to address the first issue. According to the BBC and other news sources, the EU intends to investigate the location and status of the "black sites". As noted by these news sources, it is highly likely that these sites violates EU human rights law.

Of course, the EU might find that it wished it never knew about these sites. If the Eastern European countries participating are unwilling acknowledge or disturb these CIA detention facilities (or for that matter, even FIND these sites), the divide between Donald Rumsfeld's "new" and "old" Europe becomes more real.

UPDATE: Of course, maybe the EU doesn't want to look so hard after all.

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