Friday, November 04, 2005

Supranationalist 4

Few days after May 29, when France rejected the European Constitution, I posted a comment stating the deeper tensions underlying french politics. Back then, I said that May 29 was a 'tragedie francaise.'

My conviction was, and still is, that the French model of integration was flawed. Moreover, structural economical problems aggravated social tensions to the point that it all exploded, as a bomb shell, in one day.

Those tensions are not deflating. To the contrary, they are mounting and they will devour the social matrix in France, as these days of violence show. And the French government simply disagrees on the correct policy to adopt.
French Journals argues that the crisis is due to the inability of the police. BULLOCKS! It is a deeper crisis and it is mounting, and as I said it will devour France.

Unless, France realise that a complete rethinking of its social model, and the model that it wants for Europe, must be undertaken. Integration a la francaise from the top down does not work in France and does not work in Europe either. The ruling elites in Paris and Brussels should go through a process of total purification, if not eviction. A stronger and deeper democratisation of the institution of power should be carried out. Policies to increase employment should be given priority; and the job market should become more flexible in order to allow the circulation of european workers and to facilitate the integration of immigrants in the economic spheres of the society.

Europe is the only way forward. But not an Europe a la francaise or a la Britannique, or a la Jamaiqua for what it matters. But a genuinely supranational polity that attempts to overcome the more and more widespread failures of the Nation States, beginning with France, the most succesfull of all Nation States.

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