Tuesday, November 15, 2005

"La Haine" II: The Director's Cut...

A quick addendum to Raph's and Sophie's posts below. Mathieu Kassovitz, the director of the film La Haine that both refer to, has posted his own take on the recent riots in Paris on his website, in which he notes tha he is having "to restrain himself from encouraging the rioters". Kassovitz seems to blame the "depravations of politicians" for prolonging, if not inciting, the problems; indeed, his piece is more an anti-Sarkozy polemic than an analysis of what's going on in Paris and elsewhere. Still, worth a read; in French here, and in English here.

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Raphaƫl Paour said...

When the movie La Haine came out it was the first movie to deal with this problem and it was received in two opposite ways: 1/ many people outside the suburbs were shocked, by the reality described and by the movie itself which was thought to be provoking. 2/ people that knew about the situation in the suburbs (I should say in some neighbourhoods of some suburbs) thought they movie didn't go very far in pointing out the gravity of the situation, many judged the movie to be politically correct, not too shocking for the bourgeois.

I can't judge myself but this contrast in the way the movie was received is telling of the incomprehension inside society, and a large ignorance in an individualist society about how others live, which amongst many other factors brought about the recent events.