Friday, February 09, 2007

Same Sex Unions in Italy

Italian Government has presented today its legislative proposal for same sex unions. If you read italian, you can have a look at the proposal here.

The proposal still has to be voted in parliament (both lower and higher chambers). Amendments are likely to be presented.

That said, the text is a very big effort of Prodi's majority to find a compromise between the religious and the secular wing of the coalition. Any amendments would risk to compromise the compromise (if I may say).

One important proviso, this proposal has the main goal of recognising de facto couples, including homosexual couples. It does not allow homosexual to get married.

It is still an important step toward the recognition of rights and duties of stable, non-married, couples.

A final point: the debate is likely to be intense. The vatican has already intervened many times to discourage this possibility.

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