Sunday, February 25, 2007

French Presidential Elections: Segolene Royal

Segolene is a mistery. Both to french and non-french. She is very keen to appear modern, a XXI century socialist.
Yet, the programme she has unveiled recently is only about welfare redistribution in a very old fashion socialist style.

Economically she is nothing really new. Socially, she claims she will be tough on crime and disorder, and this reminds us of Tony Blair. But Tony is nothing new. Plus, Tony without his economic achievement is close to nothing especially if you judge by his international politics.

So, who is Segolene, and what is XXI century socialism? Unfortunately, to look for an answer to this questions may be like 'waiting for Godot.'

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Boz said...

I think we would find out what XXI century socialism means after the French economy stalls under Royal's proposed reforms. That would bring out her true colors, unclouded by campaign politics.

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