Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Red Brigades and Terrorism in Italy

In a time of international terrorism, homegrown 'communist' terrorists sound almost like a joke. But in Italy they aren't.

Red Brigades are still working and plotting against the state and some personalities. They hate particularly labour lawyers, one wonders why.

Few years ago, Marco Biagi, a labour law professor and counsel of the government was killed in Bologna.

Yesterday, the italian police captured a bunch of red brigades who were plotting to kill Pietro Ichino, another famouse labour law expert. You can find a report here.

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Howard MARKS said...

On the subject of Marco Biagi, you are so deluded and brainwashed it is almost beyond comprehension, that you could be so naive and blind to reality.

To describe Biagi as "a labour law professor" makes him sound like a friend to the working man/woman, hence your inability to understand why he was shot and why we should not shed a tear for the SOB.

He was responsible for drawing up the technocratic plans that enabled an imperial neo-colonial power devoid of democratic credentials IE The European Union to abolish the Lire with the full collaboration of the primary Italian political class. As well as an economic and social model for the government that undermined the rights, benefits and bargaining power of working people against the corporate-state. In any country when the political and technocratic classes deny the people their democratic rights and undermine the foundation constitution of the nation, such elites have no moral right to complain if one of their lackies is gunned down. In Italy it is especially an outrage that there was NO referendum on the Euro as Italian society more than most as you know has a political tradition of issue referendums. When ordinary people are denied their right to vote by the ruling class they are by definition being told by that ruling class to pick up a gun !! Marco Biagi was a traitor guilty of highest form of treason and collaboration against ones own people and the concept of democracy itself. He was in the service of both the Italian political establishment and the EU technocracy when he drew up the plans and the designs for the economy and national sovereignty of Italy to be terminated and replaced with the nation becoming a neo-colonial sub-division of the Frankfurt based European Central Bank, which is run by unelected bankers who answer to unelected Bruxelles technocrats. A nation that is without its own currency is a nation unable to govern itself. Is that what the Bologna Partisans fought and died for against the Nazis so their great- grandchildren can live in an Italy ruled by unelected neo-colonial
German bankers !?