Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Machism in Italy: Women are still an object.

Many newspapers report today last Berlusconi's gaffe. In public, he makes appreciative comments of young italian ladies; Berlusconi's wife did not like them and challenged him publicly to apologize.

Internationally, this news can only be interpreted in one way: Berlusconi is an old man with a very machist perspective on women.

Unfortunately, in Italy, many people still recognize themselves in this horrific image. It is sad and despicable, but that is the way it is. Of course, only a chunk of the population would share Mr B's attitude. Needless to say, those who support him in this, are also those who vote him. The rest of the population is likely to be shocked and appalled by the very possibility of such a behaviour.


Anonymous said...

berlusconi's wife has sex with the mayor of venice, that is a well known gossip/fact

paolo said...

Thank you anonymous and pietro robocop for confirming what Lorenzo has just said.
In Italy we use to say that "the mother of idiots is alwayspregnant..." or something like that.

Anyway I'd like to add a point to Berlusconi's story which so far seems to be obscured. It's precisely about the power on the media the former PM has. If you consider that the whole argument between the husband and the wife has had such a huge pubblicity, you should think about how every single aspect of the life of that man is incorporated by the public imaginary through television, newpaper, etc. My opinion is that every public appearance and declaration is minutely studied, indeed with a team of experts (he's not such a genius, he's just a quite good actor).We know every move and breath of Berlusconi. It seems like a Big Brother show. Now, can you think what a power this show has. It has obscurated for five years the actual work of his majority, which was close to the complete zero. Now we survived it, thanks God. But we still have to survive the shock wave it has produced. So let's close the case and please everyone return to their job.