Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Berlusconi is desperate to be America's Best Friends

At times Silvio (Berlusconi) is endearing, poor old little chap. Now He claims in his clownish fashion that he's the best friend the US have ever had. Then he adds that Prodi and the new italian government are foes of America.

I am always curious to know what is the image of Berlusconi across the Ocean. If you have any contribution please leave a comment. As far as the Atlantic Alliance is concerned, the US should not be afraid. Italy simply can't afford to be a foe of the US. That would be meaningless, if not ridiculous. But abroad many people now know that Berlusconi can indeed be ridiculous.

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Srdjan Cvijic said...

It cannot be dennied that certain radical left wing parties within the current government coalition in Italy, rely on the support of the electorate that has strong sentiments against expansive US foreing policy, to put it mildly. This can, although it did not yet, provoke certain disagreement with the current US foreign policy, but arguably any that is overconfident and expansive and not sufficiently multilateral.

paolo said...

I like to add a comment, just quoting the words of Fausto Bertinotti, the speaker of the Italian Chamber of Deputies and former leader of the Comunist Party. "Every act that goes in the direction of peace, including hindering new forms of military organizations, is a good thing. Terms such as 'for America' or 'anti America' are just misleading and who uses them shows to a subaltern."
Bertinotti has shown once more to be a gentlemen.

Srdjan Cvijic said...

Bertinotti is one thing, he is in power and I guess that that keeps him alligned with the view of the majority. His voters are however another thing and you cannot denny that there is a strong antagonist sentiment versus the American foreign policy, not only a political one, but also a cultural one. Thanks for your comment Paolo

paolo Fortis said...

Yes, that's true Srdjan, but Bertinotti was answering to Berlusconi, who accused the majority of being anti-America after Prodi's critics of the USA bombings in Somalia. Bertinotti's palying his double role very well and I hope it'll help to see how things happen beyond simple prejudices.