Wednesday, January 17, 2007

European Constitution: A Revival?

At least if you listen to what Angela Merkel has to say, it would seem that the relaunch of the European Constitution is a top priority for the EU. See here for a report.

Merkel has just taken up the position of President of the Council of the European Union, a responsibility she holds along with the presidency of the G8. She is determined to make something out of it, as it may be easier to do something at the European/International level than to shake the torpid German political and economic stagnation (although the economy is going better as of late).

Her agenda is incredibly ambitious: 'It included progress on energy security and climate change, a global trade deal, a new partnership agreement with Russia, and greater peace efforts for the Middle East. ' Too ambitious, say the skeptic (the Economist in particular). In the last couple of years, though, the lack of initiative and action was devastating. A bold agenda can be launched now, we will see how long it takes to implement it.

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Interview with Jean-Claude Juncker about the European constitution. Watch it on EUX.TV, the Europe channel, at:

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