Monday, May 01, 2006

Oriana Fallaci and Silvio Berlusconi: Just two Primedonne

Oriana Fallaci is becoming famous world-wide for her outspoken intolerance.
Here you find a very positive review of her last (bad) book by Mark Steyn, a canadian writer and journalist.

Oriana Fallaci bears a very dtrong similiraty to Silvio Berlusconi when it comes to her communicative strategy. She is desperate to be a primadonna, always on the front page. She has always been so: when young and attractive, she used to tour the world with the intent of interviewing the mightest dictators of the globe.

Today, she spend most of her time writing in an open confrontational way, using the same rethorical devices as her arch-ennemies: muslim fundamentalists. As a result, her thesis is clear and full of passion. So full of it, that her mind is blinded. She positions herself at the same level of the criminals she so much dreads. And she does so in a way that constantly exasperates the conflict. (Isn't it like Berlusconi?)

She claims that Europe is in decline as it does not listen to voices such as hers.
I think that Europe is in decline because we listen too much and we are too mild with voices such as that of Oriana Fallaci.

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