Monday, May 08, 2006

The election of the President of the Republic in Italy

Today, Italy is facing the first day of election of the President of the Republic.
Needless to say, the confrontation between majority and opposition is likely to be harsh. We hope that it will produce a good result.

The centre left put forward the name of Giorgio Napolitano, a 81 year old ex-communist with a very respectable institutional pedigree. But of course his heart is beating left...

Giuliano Amato would be my preferred option. A professor of constitutional law at the Universtity of Rome and at the European University Institute, Florence. He has a political experience in Italy and Europe. Recently, he was the vice-president of the convention for the drafting of a constitution for Europe.

The centre right proposed his name and I can't understand why the centre left does not want to support this hypothesis. Curious. Let's see what happen.

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