Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Today, May 2 2006, Berlusconi is supposed to resign from his post as Prime Minister.
After 5 years of rule, he finally gives up. Some people say he was unlucky; he could have done better, were it not for the global crisis. For example, five years ago, in 2001, soon after he started acting as prime minister, 9/11 came and that was it.

External circumstances do play a role. However, it is the job of a prime minister to make well informed choice as to how to steer the country-boat. Berlusconi brought Italy to the very bottom of macro-economic statistics in Europe. This is a fact.

Today, all that ends. Berlusconi acknowledges defeat and retires its troop. Too bad that he did not even have the taste of congratulating his adversaries. It is tasteless, but Berlusconi made tastelessness a political virtue. Be it.

And be prepared, today he will do something spectacular just to mark the end of his happy (horrible) years. What? He is unpredictable.

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