Monday, May 29, 2006

29 May: the failure of the European Constitution

Today 29th of May is the anniversary of the failure of the European Constitution. One year ago, France voted No to the referendum and triggered a European crisis of 'consitutional' dimensions.

The real patient is not Europe as a supranational entity. Nation States are the ones in the worst state of health. Starting from France and ending with Britain.

France is the most obvious example. The referendum merely catalysed the downfall. Chirac and the right wing have gone through a very troubled period (suburbs, students, clearstream etc..). What is surprising is the fact that the left wing is unable to profit out of that failure. The reason is that the left wing who voted No to the European Constitution committed suicide.

They thought they were smart. The reality is that they do not have a clue of what to put in place of what they criticised. This is a gigantic sin. By giving up a hope of institutional improvement (not massive, though improvement), they legitimazed the status quo.

They probably did not know how horrible is the status quo. France as a nation state is dying and it prepares itself to die in the most spectacular way. Just as it did in 1789.

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