Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Spaghetti Elections one week after

One week after the Melodramatic elections, it is time to reflect calmly about the result and the future prospectives.

Berlusconi had his last temperamental outburst. Totally predictable, by the way. But now he accepts that he is on a downward slope. His reign comes to an end. He can peacefully rests in his new house in Switzerland, bought despite the prohibition of local laws.

Prodi is not the panacea. He is as old as Berlusconi (70) and he is not properly speaking a liberal: He's much too catholic to be a fully progressive leader. Some will be happy with this, I am not. More importantly his political vision is not compelling. As a president of the European Commission he has a very mixed record, if not negative. As a former prime minister, one cannot really recall major breakthrough. If anything, his failure to reform adequately Italy paved the way for Berlusconi.

A majorn concern is the renewal of the political class. We cannot expect that the huge generational gap can be solved if we do not begin with the people representing us. Daring young muct be the keyword for Italy. A reason for its backwardness is precisely the aniquity of its political leaders.

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Anonymous said...

With all due respect to your blog, I must remark that some of the posts on the Italian elections did not represent a fair (I am sorry to say nor informative) presentations of the political reality in Italia. They are highly opinionated and in my mind neither give an interesting view point to the reader. Moreover they are racist towards the Italians, " Spaghetti Elections"??? not to mention other words you say. Often your political assesment of the situation is not bad, but I must make a strong remark against the low level style of expression...
Paolo C.