Thursday, April 13, 2006

Catching Two Godfathers with a Stone

The Godfather, Silvio, has finally been scooped out of his golden throne. Near Corleone, at the same time, the boss of the bosses, Provenzano, was found hiding in one of his mansions.

Two parallel stories, an incredible coincidence. Italian Police has been hunting Provenzano in the last fourty years. Equally, in the last fourty years, we saw the ascension of Berlusconi. From the building industry to the media empire.

Now, in one day, both fall down. It is a true liberation, something almost divine, and sublime. Perhaps it is only a coincidence that it happens during easter week. But I am tempted to convert myself and become a devote.

The two dying animals will disappear in time. We'll have to be patient though. They will struggle more than ever to free themselves from the possibility of their extinction. Plus, there are too many interests surounding them, for this to be a peaceful process. But the process has begun. Italy can only hope in a better future.

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