Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Italian 'Usual' Melodrama

Politics is the italian national sport. We keep inventing new scenarios and the last elections confirm our traditional habit.

In one day, Prodi won, lost, and then won again thanks to the votes of those italians, like me, who live abroad because they can't take so many political emotions (also because the job market is not exactly open; finally because Italy sends abroad the most qualified people in a masochist effort to sink the country once and for all).

Berlusconi, of course, has not lost. He never does, and probably he will never die. After all, he compared himself to the Christ. And this was an understated image he gave himself.

Anyhow, here we are with a very slim majority in favour of the centre left. Ruling the country will not be easy. Plus, there are some forthcoming institutional challenges, such as electing a new president of the republic. No small deal, given that he has to be voted by 2/3 of the parliament.

Let me conclude on one of my conviction. Berlusconism, his political philosophy, is over since long. He finally understood it, and will very probably step down to let someone else do the job. I am really looking forward to the day where we will stop talking about that huge anomaly called B.

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