Thursday, March 30, 2006

Vladimir Luxuria for President!

Vladimir Luxuria is probably our favourite politician on the italian scene, as Srdjan already pointed out in a previous post .

Luxuria, an italian transexual, is a breath of fresh air in a landscape dominated by two old dynosaurs like Prodi and Berlusconi. Firstly, Luxuria is always sharp and ironic, something that few italian politicians can be proud of. Secondly, Luxuria is a strong response to a conventional morality dominated by the presence of the Vatican. Left and Right wing coalitions are the same on this point: highly deferential to the magisterium of the pope. Luxuria, luckily enough, encapsulates a more varied image of Italy.

The strength of Italian politics, beside all the weaknesses listed in previous posts, lies in its original actors, like Luxuria, who have an immediate media impact and can hopefully redress a highly impoverished moral culture.

Luxuria is the way forward. Berlusconi and Prodi the past.


Lui said...

I am usually saddened by the state of Italian politics, but having Ms. Luxuria as a member of Parliament makes me proud to be Italian again!

Anonymous said...

Luxuria may seem like a breath of fresh air until you realize the destructive influence of such things as disreguard for gender and natural, species sustainning gender rolls that are becoming lost thanks to such people as Luxuria.

luciaferri said...

Dear darling anonymous. May I quote back to you, sweetie?
'Sustainning gender rolls'.
Are these a new type of sandwich snack for the exclusive use of bigots on sun beds?
Anonymous, my advice to you is head back to school for a few years. As they teach you to spell, you never know. They might also give you a little grounding in human ethics and decency.