Friday, February 17, 2006

Vote Vladimir Luxuria

Wladimiro Guadagno (alias Vladimir Luxuria) a famous Italian transsexual and show business person is running for the next Italian parliamentary elections in front of the Rifondazione Communista, part of the centre-left coalition.

Most important points of his program are the following: he is fighting for the legal recognition of legal status of factual unions between homosexuals and heterosexuals; opening of public debate about prostitution, especially transsexual prostitution; massive information campaign for safe sex; defence of the secular state; legalization of light drugs; more protection for the workers in the night show business sector (in cooperation with the Italian Sindacate of Night Clubs); Reintroduce the topic of artificial insemination in the Italian political debate; opening of housing locations for third age gays, lesbians and transsexuals etc.

One of the strengths of the centre-left collation of Romano Prodi is exactly its diversity of program, where you can vote for pious ex-Democristians and Vladimir Luxuria at the same time, on the other hand many argue that such heterogeneousness of the coalition hurts the electoral chances and makes it more plausible to expect Berlusconi’s victory. At the end one must conclude that the diversity of programs consideration must win over the tendency of homogenization. Italy needs alternative political programs of the example of Vladimir Luxuria and the example of traditionalist Puglia where on the regional elections communist candidate Nicky Vendola (open homosexual and communist) triumphed, shows that voting centre is no longer necessarily the winning formula in Italy. Sometimes original program presents an added value. Most important thing is to make as many people vote for the left-wing coalition, after all all of them are fighting for the same goal, defending Republicanism and Rule of Law against usurpation of the single man and his hostages in the centre-right coalition.

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