Friday, March 17, 2006

Farewell to the Bloody Dictator 2

Another one in the Serbian Daily Politika,

"Thank you for all the deception and fraud, for every drop of blood that thousands spilled for you, for fear and uncertainty, for failed lives and lost generations, for dreams that never came true, for horrendous wars that you lead in our name without bothering to ask if we agreed, for all the weight that you placed on our backs. We remember the tanks on the streets of Belgrade and blood on its pavements. We remember Vukovar. We remember Dubrovnik. We remember Sarajevo. We remember the bombings. We remember Kosovo and the memories and bad dreams will only intensify. We remember all the lives that you have destroyed. We remember the death, wounded, refugees. We remember our lives that you have destroyed. Citizens of Serbia will remember: Nada, Srecko, Zivko, Sloboda, Vesela and Mile Curcic."

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