Friday, March 17, 2006

Gotov je! He’s cooked!

This was the OTPOR (RESISTANCE-Serbian resistance movement against Milosevic) Slogan to mark the end of Milosevic's bloody rule.

Today, an anonymous source has send an SMS all over Serbia and Belgrade, the SMS has the following content:

"Saturday 18.3.2006 15:00 Square of the Republic Spring three days earlier. Come that we all wish together that Milosevic never happens to us again. Sign of recognition, a balloon. Forward this SMS."

[This square is in Belgrade-this is also the date of Milosevic’s funeral in his home town of Pozarevac, his coffin will also be exposed in Belgrade in front of the Federal Parliament on Saturday morning]

The spirit of OTPOR lives on even though the organization no longer exists.

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