Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Olympic Troubles Ahead

Italy will be at the centre of the global scene for the forthcoming 2 months.
On Friday 10 February, Turin will open the Winter Olympics 2006. Moreover, as mentioned before, Italy is preparing for its elections on 9 April.

In this two months, Italy has to keep its eyes wide open as the threat of terrorism is only predictable. Italy took part in the war in Iraq and took pride in being one of the US best allies (Berlusconi dixit).

The recent accidents provoked by the Mohammed cartoon controversy led to the killing of an Italian priest in Turkey, and to other accidents in Kabul, Afghanistan, involving italians.

The atmosphere is tense. As a result, the message to italian politicians engaged in their petty polemics is clear: stop quarelling uselessly, and give strong signals as to where Italy stands and what it aims to do in the future.

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