Monday, February 06, 2006

Italian Elections Countdown: Only Two Months Missing

Italian elections are two months away: they will be held on April 9.
Prodi and Berlusconi will be the contending leader of this important, and tense, election. So far, Berlusconi has monopolised the screen (TV), and attempted to challenge Fidel Castro's record of the longest speech ever.

Needless to say, Berlusconi does not have anything to say; so He's trying to replace quality by quantity. For someone who is the head of a Media Empire, this is a surprisingly silly mistake.

The explanation of all this is quite straightforward. Berlusconism, his philosophy, is over. The man who, more than twelve years ago, presented himself as the alternative to the politics of the past, now he's a caricature of old, wordy, italian politicians.

Berlusconi knows that he has very few chances and he's now displaying his weaponry to the full extent in order to salvage the present situation. But as any dying animal, he does not have a coherent strategy of survival. He is simply firing at one time all his bullets, then he will see.

The ball is in the hands of the opposition: please use it well!

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