Monday, October 03, 2005

Turkey and Europe

Turkey is a barometre of European weather at the moment.
After the French and Dutch Referenda, Europe is caught in a stagnant phase:
Everybody wants to move somewhere, but nobody wants to take risks. Turkey is a big question mark, but there are some indications that if we took the step of bringing turkey closer, we could be repaid with a success. A risk, however, needs to be taken.

Lessons from the recent past have to be taken into account. For example, enlargement is perceived by everyone as a crucial constitutional decision. As such, it cannot be taken from the top down, but it should be widely discussed in public. Hopefully, this will not be disregarded.

To bring Turkey in Europe would mean more stability. It would send a clear sign that Europe welcomes culture that do not fall exclusively under the christian bless. It would help negotiations concerning Cyprus. It would soothe relations between Greece and Turkey. It would give European muslims, especially turkish one, a sign of acceptance and recognition.

It is, therefore, the moment to dare. Because Europe must give strong signs right now. Otherwise, it will be confined to a role of minor importance


EU finds deal on Turkey. Austria, the only opponent, accepted that Turkey may start negotiations.


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