Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A little more on Mr Galloway...

A quick update on my earlier post. Today's Guardian reports that Galloway, sensing that his demand to be tried for perjury in US courts will not be accorded, is now considering hiring a venue in Senator Coleman's heartland of Minnesota and challenging him to a debate. He also, however, has expressed little confidence that the Senator will grant him even this forum to respond to the charges made against him.

Love Galloway or hate him, this is pretty gripping stuff; a far cry from the increasingly bland and painstalkingly staged political interjections that we are becoming so used to. It is, of course, showboating from Galloway; but so what? It is much harder to disengage from politics when it is expressed in terms such as the following:

If they say they are going to charge me I'll head for the airport and I'm calling for them to do so, begging them to do so... The charge against me in this sneak attack is that I lied under oath in front of the Senate when I went there in May and trounced this group of lickspittle pro-war Bushites. I am unequivocally stating here and now I'll head for Heathrow now, pausing only to pick up my toothbrush, if they will promise to charge me with perjury. It is very clear what they said, I lied under oath. It is a criminal offence which is what they told me when I swore the oath. It is put up or shut up time. See you in court Senator Coleman.

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