Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Smoking Britain

Come on Tony, you can make it! You can do something good for your country and enforce a total ban on smoking! Don't shy away from your responsabilities as a leader. Don't be tempted by the syrens of people shouting liberty for everyone. Smoking in public places is not a liberty. It is a curse that we all have to bear.

Italy, Ireland and others have already gone down this path, and believe me, it made a huge change. Public places are now pleasant places where people can gather, discuss, have fun, without having to put in jeopardy their health and having to bear many other unpleasant side effects (more drinking, more smelling, less sociability).

Freedom will be protected, don't worry. People who wants carry on smoking will be free to do so. Locals that do not want to lose their clientele will put in place new ingenious devices. One example is the heating posts, around which people can gather and form new friendships!

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