Monday, August 01, 2005

Italy v Terrorism, part 2

Some more evidence of the terrorist threat to Italy have been gathered in the past few days, so much so that the Interior Minister has proclaimed an extended red alert.
It is no coincidence that Hamdi Adus Issac, one of the terrorists of London, has been found in Italy, Rome. He claims, of course, that he was in Italy just 'on holiday' from the bombing season. It is hard to believe what the press reports he has said. For example, he claims that the bombings were not meant to kill anyone, they were only dimonstrative. How can this possibly be the case? If you place a bomb in a crowded underground, only a clown can believe that this is not intended to kill people.

Hamdi Adus Issac speaks italian well and has many connecions in Italy: a brother in Rome, who hosted him. And one in Brescia, who has been jailed and presently interrogated. Hamdi also claims that after the bombings in London, he had absolutely no plans on what to do next. It is very hard to believe this, since he managed to travel across Europe with no problem whatsoever, and He was found in Italy, a country which is without doubt one of the main targets of terrorists.

In the meanwhile, the government has managed to approve the 'Italian Patriot Act' last saturday. This was possibly the quickest parliamentary procedure ever in the Italian Parliament... The opposition agreed to collaborate despite disagreement. Amazing!

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