Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Berlusconi's media control on the rise?

Berlusconi is preparing all his weapons to win a second mandate next year at the political elections, which will be held in April 2006. As I said in previous posts, Berlusconi has nothing to lose, and believe me, he hates losing beyond human comprehension. His coalition has abandoned him, and the government is doing really bad at the economic level. Many media warned the public that the campaign will be very tough in the forthcoming year. In particular, the authoritative Corriere della Sera, one of the most read newspapers in Italy, has insisted at various points that Berlusconi will play dirty tricks to win this (last?) battle. Corriere della Sera, however, could not expect that Berlusconi would try to buy it, in order to silence it. That is what he attempted to do recently, even if he denies everything. The doubt, however, has been instilled. Knowing Berlusconi, his thirst for power, along with his obsession with media, this news does not sound at all surprising.

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