Friday, July 29, 2005

Italy v. Terrorism

Italy will be the next target of terrorism. This is what 85% of italians believe according to Corriere della Sera, one of the most authorative newspapers. It is hard to refute this belief. Italy is one of the main allies of the USA in the war in Iraq. Plus, the recent attacks in Egypt seemed to be aimed at italian tourists.
This wave of fear has led the governement to put on the table a proposal of an anti-terrorists (decree) law, a sort of italian PATRIOT act. The bill seems to be at this stage a mere abstract proposal so far because of the disagreement between the opposition and the majority, and also within the majority as the Northern Ligue claims a tough anti-fundamentalist law.

Today, 29 July 2005, the government is likely to reach an agreement on its Italian PATRIOT act. Here are the main points of the act (In Italian; I will provide later an English version).

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