Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Does Winning a World Cup Help a Country?

One month ago, Italy won the World Cup 2006.
Two months ago, almost exactly, I predicted that victory on this blog.
Optimistically, I suggested that the World Cup could kick start a new
trend in domestic political affair.

To a certain extent, that was correct. For example, it appears that the tax collection system saw a steep improvement in the last months. Needless to say, the previous government facilitated to a great extent those who were unhappy with the tax-system.

Unfortunately, Prodi's government is not very firmly grounded and it is likely that it will have to compromise on many policies, unless it gathers external support. A difference with the previous government, however, is already perceptible: when Berlusconi is not there, many Italians are much more optimistic about the future. Starting with its football system, which mirrored very well the level of corruption in Italian affairs.

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