Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Italy Ready to Lead UN Force in Lebanon

This time Berlusconi is prudent; He has suggested the Prime Minister, Romano Prodi,
to be patient, not to rush the mission in Lebanon.

What the hell, I say, if there's something urgent, this is probably the most glaring case. Europe is proving once more static. They need to meet up, to discuss, to disagree and to avoid taking a decision.

Italy, however, has already taken a decision. It wants to take the lead, someone has to take the lead in this Europe. Of course, we shouldn't end up there all alone, exposed to every possible risk without the help of any other state. But while european politicians discuss at length without an end in view, a state, Lebanon, is suffering from all we haven't done in the past, all the things we haven't sais, all the actions we haven't taken.

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