Thursday, June 08, 2006

A New Italian Renaissance

That's what I would call the post-Berlusconi period. Italy has a lot to do to catch up after 5 years of shadows. Economically, politically, culturally it is a bit of a wreck, but that is precisely why we all have to contribute to the Italian Renaissance.

I am optimist, and Italy could symbolically start with a vicory at the world cup!
Serbia & Montenegro, as Srdjan puts it, represents the hopes of the countries that are not there anymore. Italy represents the hope of the countries that are looking for a fresh start: A Renaissance.

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Srdjan Cvijic said...

Italy like in the early 1990s, like in the World Cup 1990 in italy. Brilliant game and the victory against very strong national team of Ghana. Luca Toni, Fiorentina's and Italy's finest was brilliant even though he did not score.