Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tension between US and Italy regarding unresolved Calipari Case

The new Italian government pretends more collaboration from the US as regards the mysterious case of Nicola Calipari, shot in Iraq by American soldiers.

D'Alema will meet Condi Rice to discuss about this issue soon. The Corriere della Sera reports that: "At the present time, Lozano is accused of attempted murder without specific aggravating circumstances. In the charges filed, the public prosecutors underline “the conclusions of the experts and the detailed report from which it emerges that the vehicle was moving at a fitting (permitted and suitable –Ed.) speed for the area and in any case not in a manner that could be perceived as “hostile”, and that the said vehicle should be fired upon, which reconstruction shows occurred at the same time the target was illuminated, not only exceeds the rules of engagement, but goes far beyond them”. The magistrates further underline that “no evidence has emerged in support of the putative justification for the incident, based on excusable error (illegitimate use of weapons or legitimate defence), that could led to a ruling that there are no grounds for action”.

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