Monday, June 26, 2006

The Greatest Alibi: Serbian Radical Party

Recent opinion polls in Serbia demonstrate a sharp rise of the populist, ex-Milosevic ally, Serbian Radical Party. To be more precise, the popularity of all major parties is in decline (including the Radicals), why Radicals demonstrate growth is because they have a more disciplined base that is less likely to abstain on future parliamentary elections, and an increasing number of the Serbs who is pro-European oriented, who decide to abstain.

A recent article in the Serbian daily Blic tries to offer an answer to such political situation in Serbia. Answering the question, I paraphrase, why do Serbian voters have enough, Slobodan Martinovic says,

“Because the democratic block of parties in Serbia demonstrated that power serves only for fulfilling their own personal needs: employment, personal wealth etc. In one word: Pure egoism. Me and once again me.

Because the political elite has no vision of the future, no courage and honesty to face the major problems in the country.

Because everything is the same as before 5th October [5/10/2000 The downfall of Milosevic] Who was powerful then, still is, who employed its children then, still does, who was unemployed then, is unemployed now.

Because they were not honest in their intention to create a normal and stable country. Everything around here is pure improvisation.

Because my friends with whom I fought for a better tomorrow betrayed me. They needed me only in order to come to power, then they forgot me.”

This emotional account to a large extent describes the frustration of many of the Serbian voters. It can be even provocatively argued that the Serbian Radical Party presents the greatest possible alibi for the largest part of the block of pro-European parties in Serbia. Now they can at least say, vote for us, because if you do not or if you abstain Radicals will win. Without the populist, chauvinist and corrupt, ex-Milosevic ally, Serbian Radical Party they would have no excuse any more they would have to explain what they did to assure Serbia’s speedy integration into the EU. They, with no exception, would have a hard job explaining their positive role.

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Bg anon said...

In recent weeks support for the Radical Party has been steadily falling and support for the democratic party growing.

The same agencies carried out the polls. Just for your information.