Monday, March 19, 2007

Chirac's Legacy

In few months, it will be over. Chirac will be a simple citizen after 50 years of politics in France and Europe.

What will be his legacy? there are many sceptics on this point, the most prominent is probably the economist which had a very hard article last week. here:

Here's a passage:

Mr Chirac's popularity rating has slumped from a second-term high of 60% during the Iraq war, according to TNS-Sofres, a polling organisation, to just 29% today. Midway through 2006, he became the most unpopular president under the French Fifth Republic since polling began.

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Ole Windahl Pedersen said...

We can only guess about what Chirac's legacy might be. Although the leader in the Economist was very sceptical of Chirac, and perhaps harsh at certain points, I think the main failure of Chirac has been his obvious incompetence in trying to revive the French economy through lack of reform-will. An unemployment rate averaging 10 per cent throughout his tenure is simply not good enough for any president.