Thursday, March 08, 2007

8th of March

Women's day.

This is the year of Segolene Royal, Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel.

Royal is still misterious. Is she going to reform France at the root, or will she bring more of the old (French socialism).

Hillary is very ambitious and very experienced. But unfortunately, many men do not like ambitious women, or at least that is my feeling. They should give her a chance.

Angela Merkel is doing well despite many things. Her government formed by a large coalition is a slow machine. But Germany is improving economically and Europe is following. Merkel is also leading the European Council with more energy and ideas than their recent predecessors (notably Tony Blair).

We can only hope that 2007 will be a succesfull year for Women!


Justin Borg Barthet said...

And let's hope that in years to come we won't bat an eyelid at the fact of Royal, Clinton and Merkel's gender. If Hillary Clinton is to be the next leader of the 'free world' she might not only bring about reform through her ideas and experience but hopefully will also permamently change our perception of what a political leader should look like.

Ole Windahl Pedersen said...

To second Justin’s point, it would be appropriate to encourage judgement of the three women on substance and political merit rather than their sex. This should bode well for Merkel, slowly but steadily improving the most important economy in Europe, and to a great extend for the pragmatic Clinton as well, but unfortunately leave the ambiguous Royal treading waters.

Srdjan Cvijic said...

I would agree with the previous two comments, their sex should not matter, in this way unburdened by political correctnes i can calmly say Barack Obama, I find the nepotism where ex-President's wife runs for the President unacceptable, concerning Royal...she did not convice me yet, one thing she said that she likes the military and discipline are a serious put of for me...however it would be too supervicial to discard her for this only...I am scared she might push for referendum for every case of future enlargement...dangerous populism if true...