Friday, December 02, 2005

Winter Olympics and Terrorism

Winter Olympics 2006 are hosted by Turin, Italy.

This could be a launching pad for a new Italian Renaissance, after the apocaliptical announcements of decline coming from the Economist. After all, we are pretty good at Rinascimento or Risorgimento, aren't we?

Don't forget also that Italy as a country may be in bad shape economically, but some regions are the best performers in the world. This is the case of Lombardy (20 million people), and of Piedmont (9 million people), the very region of Turin.

Unfortunately, optimism should not fly too high, as another problem is lurking behind Olympics: the ghost of terrorism.

As said many times before in this blog, Italy is one of the main targets for international terrorism. The fact that an international event such as Winter Olympics is taking place just before the national elections is a good source of fear and trouble.

As a result, the Italian government has already taken special measures to enhance security. Vinca il Migliore.

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