Monday, December 12, 2005

Disagreement over Europe in the Conservative Party

Ken Clarke is not happy with Cameron's position on Europe. Clarke fears that Cameron could become the most euro-sceptic of all the previous candidate.

Clarke argues that such a position would not sell well internationally.

No need to worry, anyhow. Even if the British public welcomes Cameron as a new Tony Blair, as soon as he will outline his political ideas, he will collapse as many predecessors, as already stated in a previous post.


Ivan Zverzhanovski said...

Interesting view - what makes you so sure that Cameron would not be able to challenge Brown in a few years time? And only some people hail him as the new TB - most tories are just happy that they have someone who looks remotely electable to lead the party.

Lorenzo Zucca said...

Thanks Ivan!
I think I agree with you: DC looks remotely electable. I guess the problem is one of expectations. Conservative's are very low.

Cameron has not shown anything yet, but his menu does not sound very tasty. Compassionate conservatism? the idea is already rotten, thanks to Bush.

As far as policies are concerned. He needs to do everything. And as usual, the devil is in the details.
On this point, I want to stress Cameron's inexperience. He's going to fight with highly experienced and respected politicians. Brown is already a star internationally and this counts a lot. .

Finally, you'll be surprised, British people do care about Europe. In their own way, which is different from the conservative standard position.