Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Europe and German Elections

In the spring, some people thought that the French and the Dutch Referenda gave a massive blow to European Integration. They did not know about the recent German elections. The financial and political stability of Europe depends very much on Germany. If Germany is unstable, then we all are.

What is worse is that German elections identify a common European problem and dismiss it at the same time as not-too-important. The problem is that we are struggling in order to find answers to european crisis, especially related to the job market. Jobless people are obviously unsatisfied and frustrated. The problem is that they do not want to take the medicine, that is a robust reform of the european social sphere. The reason is that they feel they are doing well, after all.

This is the worse possible feeling. Our standards are lowering, but we are waiting until dramatic conditions will arise before taking responsibilities. Deterioration of the European social and welfare sphere will happen, unfortunately. It is time to act now, we cannot wait anymore.

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