Monday, September 26, 2005

Bye Bye Tony!

Tony Blair had 'pre-announced' that he will leave his post at the latest in 2007. This event triggers a number of fascinating questions:

1- Will he keep his promise? Tony, in the past, has announced many things that have never come true. One example? The referendum on the euro...

2- Who will be his successors? Gordon Brown is obviously in pole-position but many have voiced their disappointments especially after Brown declared that he will stick to the implementation of the Constitutional reforms Blair initiated. (Frankly, the criticism against this idea are laughable. Can Brown depart in any substantive way from the path taken by HIS government?)

3- What will Tony do afterwards? He is still very young and ambitious, so we really wonder what he has in mind. Is he thinking at the European level or at the international level. Will he do like his friend, Bill Clinton?

Here we have a number of exciting questions that will be answered on this blog!

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