Tuesday, June 28, 2005

CIA Agents Wanted all over Europe

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Here's an excerpt: MILAN - From today, thirteen CIA agents are wanted all over Europe. The operatives are accused of abducting Imam Abu Omar in Milan and taking him to Egypt, where he was tortured. The formal transmission of the arrest warrant to the Eurojust judicial coordination office means that it will automatically become effective in all EU member countries. At this stage, any European police officer could arrest, as well as identify, the thirteen CIA agents, who are now “on the run”. According to the American press, the CIA is believed to have taken steps by relocating the operatives to duties outside Europe. Investigations, which so far have involved the Milan consulate, have now been widened to include the US embassy. According to sources at DIGOS, the special operations branch of the Italian police, some of the abductors are thought to have used “cellphones that are part of the service equipment issued to US diplomatic staff in Rome”, even “during the abduction”.

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