Friday, June 24, 2005

CIA Agents Charged with Kidnapping in Italy

Recent development in the world-wide war on terror. According to the press, Italian officials in Milan have issued arrest warrants for 13 U.S. Central Intelligence Agencies in connection with their detention and transfer of suspect Abu Omar from Milan to Egypt for questioning.

Apparently, the Italian investigators have been able to ascertain the real names of the CIA agents (who were operating under pseudonyms). The Italian authorities are also rumored (note the key word) to have tape recorded conversations discussing the abduction and transfer of Abu Omar. According to the press, Italian forces were not aware of the abduction of Abu Omar and CIA agents dressed as Italian police as part of the plot.

As part of the indictment against the agents Prosecutors have identified the aircraft used to transfer Abu Omar to Egypt for questioning. According to prosecutors, a Learjet with a military code left the Aviano military base in Italy for Ramstein, Germany where another jet (this one owned by the Red Sox) left Ramstein for Cairo.

Stay tuned.

P.S. I wonder what Neil McDonald thinks of the Red Sox NOW!

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Neil McDonald said...

I note only that Mr Sullivan's comments coincide with the Red Sox mysteriously catapulting to the top of the AL East...