Friday, February 18, 2005

Capitalist use of Proletarian Expropriation

For new developments concerning proletarian expropriation check the blog called Harry's Happy Hamster Home. In the article "Recuperating 'proletarian expropriation'" (Monday, January 31, 2005) the author explains how an advertising agency in Rome launched a campaign which promised to potential companies a unique opportunity to publicize their business. This is to be done through organising false incidents of 'proletarian expropriation' against a company which is ready to pay from €5000 upwards. In this way the comany gets into the newspapers, while the organizers of false proletarian expropriation earn money.

Apart from being, an example of ironic malleablity of capitalism, one could also say a confirmation of the human nature, the example of 'false' proletarian expropriation begs interesting legal questions. Would the status of the 'false' and 'real' proletarian expropriator be different in the sense of criminal law responsibility?

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