Friday, May 04, 2007

Scottish Elections: the chaos wins

Everyone expected the results of the elections, but by now it is like waiting for Godot. What characterised the Scottish elections is the lack of clarity produced by a shambolic voting system.

SNP and Labour parties are fighting to the last vote to secure the majority and lack of clarity in these circumstances is not at all positive.

In any case, my feeling as an external beholder is that the UK should engage in a wide constitutional debate as to the nature of devolution, the place of the house of lords, and the status of the human rights act.

This may be the right time to start developing a genuine constitution for the UK.


Derek Fincham said...

Shambolic indeed. Who let Katherine Harris visit? Or, perhaps Scots immigrants helped settle Florida. Maybe this really was a good time for the Queen to visit Jamestown.

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