Monday, November 06, 2006

The Only Possible Thing to say: No to Death Penalty

I hope that Europe will stick to its position at least on this one. No to the Death Penalty, not even for Saddam Hussein, Mussolini or Hitler.

We have abolished the death penalty all over Europe. It is a matter of our principles, and it clearly distinguished us from the US, even if we agree with them on many other things.

But Europe must speak up, and must do so on issues of principle such as this one. It would be absolutely incoherent to be absolutely against death penalty at home (Europe) and to accept it abroad, wherever this happens.

At least on this one, we can speak of our objective stance on an important issue.


Fr. said...

Mussolini was hung too, not by the same part of the body though. Hitler killed himself but would have been executed, probably by the rope too, at Nuremberg, like Hesse, Goering and others. Eichmann was executed long after death penalty was abolished in Israel, and Arendt explained why it made sense.

I do not support Hussein's execution but I understand how it could fit in the history of Iraq, assuming that this is really what the Iraqis want (I have reasonable doubts about that). Iraq may be at the same tipping point that Europe was at in 1945. I would like to emphasize the hypothetical 'may' here.

Also, Nuremberg was followed by the Marshall Plan. Both events can be seen as complementary in a sense: eradication followed by new bricks of civilisation. I don't think this is going to happen in Iraq.

Srdjan Cvijic said...

I support Lorenzo's position. However, formally speaking I find the position of the UK most problematic (including other countries of the EU (and Council of Europe) that took part in the coalition of the willing invading Iraq and that still have troops there). They apply double standards, while the US is at least honest, it allows for the dead penalty so it can also support it in Iraq. UK does not allow dead penalty internally, but when it comes to the 'natives'in the 'collonies' (Iraq) then its acceptable. I am firmly against these double standards and would hope UK could exert enough pressure on the Iraqy apelate court to overturn this decision.