Sunday, January 15, 2006

Le Monde against Chirac

Le Monde asked President Chirac to leave in a brilliant article which you can read here (if you read french of course).

The main point, which I totally agree with, concerns the distruction of inter-generational solidarity. France is presently funding its welfare system by imposing future debts on young people! Welfare state without economic growth is a suicide pact with the devil.

Chirac represents all in all a 'demode' view of politics. HE HAS TO LEAVE and allow France to change direction now.


---deleted--- said...

"Le Monde asked President Chirac to live"

Hopefully so, Lorenzo! Nice lapsus :)

Raphaƫl Paour said...

The article isn't written in the name of Le Monde. It is signed by a member of the UDF, a rightwing political party which takes part in Chirac's coalition. It goes to say how much he is despised even in the majority. Let’s not forget that according to a recent pole 1% of the population would want him to run for President in the next election.